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Sustainable Grounds

Bees, goats, prairies, and fire... see how U-M manages land sustainably.

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Energy Dashboard

Dive into building energy data.


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Help others live, work,
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President’s Commission on
Carbon Neutrality

Developing recommendations for how to achieve carbon neutrality for U-M.

sustainability goals progress

GOAL: reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25%
Reduction: 5%
GOAL: reduce vehicle carbon output per passenger trip by 30%
Reduction: 13%
GOAL: reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill by 40%
Reduction: 3%
GOAL: increase U-M food purchased from local and sustainable sources to 20%
Purchased: 14%
GOAL: reduce chemical applications to campus landscapes by 40%
Reduction: 46%

Sustainability Goals

OCS collaborates with units across U-M on efforts toward reaching the 2025 campus sustainability goals in the areas of climate, waste reduction, healthy environments and community engagement. We are responsible for tracking and reporting the progress toward these goals.

Climate Action:
Greenhouse Gas

Reduce greenhouse
gas emissions by 25%.

Climate Action:
Fuel Efficiency

Reduce vehicle carbon output per passenger trip by 30%.

Healthy Environment:
Sustainable Food

Purchase 20% of food from local and sustainable sources.


Protect the Huron River through stormwater control strategies and reduce chemical applications to campus landscapes by 40%.

Waste Reduction

Reduce waste sent
to landfills by 40%.

Community Engagement

Invest in programs to educate our community, track behavior, and report progress over time toward a campus-wide ethic of sustainability.